Cambridge Open Device Lab

A city full of device labs

The Cambridge Open Device Lab (CambODL), was originally set up to help other web and app developers get free access to a wide range of web-enabled devices for testing in one central location.

This year CambODL is expanding, by involving digital agencies, businesses and colleges around Cambridge to help create a city-wide network of device labs. Not only for use by developers, but students, engineers, scientists and businesses alike.

And with Cambridge's reputation in science, technology and entrepreneurship there's a real opportunity to make the Cambridge Open Device Lab one of the best resources in the world.

To make it work CambODL needs …



If you believe the lab would be a good resource for Cambridge and you own, work for, or just generally know people in technology-based organisations and have the contacts or influence to help make it happen then become an advocate for the Cambridge Open Device Lab — there's even an official badge!


Device Manufacturers & Companies

Manufacturers of web-enabled devices should have a very obvious interest in the widest possible acceptance and support of their products. So what would be more logical than supporting the efforts of developers? Or if you are a provider or retailer of hardware, software or internet services, you could possibly support the lab by helping build the necessary infrastructure.



Are you a digital agency, college or tech-based business, then you've probably found that maintaining a selection of necessary devices for testing purposes inhouse has become more complex and expensive due to the sheer variety. Even if you only have one device, by partnering with CambODL and starting your own device lab will mean a greater number and diversity of devices available to everybody. And as part of the Cambridge Open Device Lab network you'll have support and access to new devices/hardware as and when they're dontated.



As a web developer you probably have the additional expertise to assist in building the CambODL. Perhaps you even have a box of underused, out-dated devices that you would like to donate or loan.

Please note: The lab is especially interested in uncommon devices. Everybody and their mum has the latest iPhone, whereas testing on an outdated BlackBerry or a Windows phone might be useful.

Supporters of the Cambridge Open Device Lab

Cover Up Cambrionix

If you can help, get in touch

Devices currently available

If you’d like to use a device you can make an appointment by emailing or by a tweet.

Manufacturer Model OS Location
Apple iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 Bug
Apple iPad 1 iOS 5.1.1 Bug
Apple iPad 4 IOS 6.0.1 Bug
Archos 80G9 Android 3.2.1 Bug
HP TouchPad 4G webOS 3.0.1 Bug
HTC Salsa C510e Android 2.3.3 Bug
Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV Bug
Sumvision Cyclone Android 2.2.2 Bug
Vizio VTAB1008 Android 3.2.1 Bug
Apple iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.4 Kiss
Apple iPad Air iOS 7.0.4 Kiss
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Android 4.2.2 Kiss
Kindle Kindle Fire HDX 7" Fire OS 3.0 Kiss

I'm happy to show you about and answer any questions you might have. Remember, if you use the lab you can rate CambODL on